South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

Show Results 2017 Championship Show.

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Ch Show 2015 Results, Critique's & Pictures

Ch Show 2015

Dog Judge; Mr Stuart Milner


Vet D

1 Ch. Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM (BVIS)

2 Dalzeah Winter Melody cum Rogansrock

3 Dancing Binty



1 Kierpark Hello Love

2 Danluke Death By Chocolate for Rheagar

3 Demerlay Golden Eagle



1 Collooney Eye Love You at Stonefox BPD

2 Demerlay Snowy Owl

3 Supeta’s Secret Weapon



1 Cobyco One Day at Fedaye

2 Cobyco Standing Ovation

3 Layways Northern Lights over Coppershell



1 Mythic Balder des Plaines des Bruyeres avec Ranvelli

2 Almawhip to be a Lover at Brynnsimeon

3 Palmik Whisper Again JW



1 Cobyco One Day at Fedaye

2 Promised you a miracle Roseria Brava at Demerlay

3 Windfly Onner Blue Moon at Bruntsfield



1 Rivarco Jack Daniels

2 Supeta’s So Squiffy

3 Coynachie Crazy Diamond



1 Crosscop No Matter What RCC

2 Danluke Disco Dancer at Gabledene

3 Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM



1 Russett Gold at Fedaye

2 Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM

3 Kaymark Simply a Duke at Jakile ShCM



1 Montventure Valentino of Falconcrag CC BIS

2 Ch. Jothryn Bjorne to Love JW

3 Ch. Danluke Lord of the Dance


Bitch Judge; Mrs Joe Davies (Taraday)



1 Linalkin Meadow Lark

2 Ch. Supeta’s Dazzalicious JW ShCM

3 Starswift Sunset



1 Lolani Tennessee Honey

2 Gazenorth Secret Identity

3 Citycroft Venezia with Elleonia



1 Crosscop I Love My Life BPIS

2 Ranvelli Sandy Shores

3 Palmik Misty Eve



1 Cobyco Candy Crème

2 Citycroft Crème Caramel of Jasarat JW

3 Mrleben Dream Maker



1 Ardencote Aiming High

2 Cobyco Could Be The Last at Mulcair

3 Shiny Sensations Rich and Famous



1 Demerlay Luck be a Lady

2 Tarward Ginetta

3 Crosscop I Believe at Chamhembe



1 Jazzellie Make it my Dream

2 Rearsbylea Ebonita for Elmanash

3 Crosscop Wishing on a Star



1 Citycroft My Fair Lady of Jasarat JW RCC

2 Willingwosp Moment of Love

3 Collooney Swing Low at Firefox



1 Gazenorth Gan Canny

2 Collooney Queen of Dragons with Brochinbelle JW ShCM

3 Danluke Dancing



1 Ch. Nothing Compares to You at Crosscop ShCM BCC RBIS

2 Falconcrag Cover Girl

3 Ch. Palmik en Vogue JW ShCM