South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

Open Show Results

February Open Show 2015

Judge: Wendell Moore (Cloudside)


BIS Kierpark Don't Stop Me Now

RBIS Marimay Moses

BPIS Ardencote Star Maker

BOSP Loroli Lets Get It On

BVIS Ch Supeta's Bootilicious Babe ShCM

Dog Results



1 Loroli Lets Get It On

2 Derwentlace Rolo

3 Azarin Dundun with Westmount



1 Ardencote Star Gazer

2 Demerlay Beam Me Up Scottie

3 Kaymark Simply A Duke at Jakile



1 Birchwhips Roller Coaster

2 Demerlay Beam Me Up Scottie

3 Veredon Just Love at Ardencote


Special YD

1 Kaymark Shotgun Paddy

2 Veredon McBlack

3 Hawk Moth at Rearsbylea


VetD No Entries



1 Demerlay Hitting iT Hard

2 Blandings ourbon Cum Rogansrock

3 Wichyty September Morn



1 Loroli Jump to the Beat

2 Saraquele Steal The Show

3 Supeta’s Breaking Dawn



1 Marimay Moses

2 Layways Oklahoma

3 Nichrisar Midnight Raider ShCM

Bitch Results



1 Loroli Lost My Stripes

2 Selinko Silver Promise

3 Shiny Sensations Foxtastic Smooth for Saraquele



1 Ardencote Star Maker

2 Demerlay Moonbeam at Brockfield

3 Pursenet Amanda



1 Shiny Sensations Spirit of Love for Supeta’s 2 Demerlay Endless Love JW

3 Aphrael Miss Adelaide at Spawood


Special YB

1 Ragstar Bee Keeper

2 Supeta’s Hocus Pocus

3 Oakbark Magic Touch


Vet B

1 Ch. Supeta’s Bootilicious Babe

2 Janelyn Deetec Delta at Fedaye JW ShCM 3 Kaymark Kiss-N-Tell ShCM



1 Denmanwood Decision

2 Armabay Little Bit of Love

3 Whilloer Worth The Wait



1 Loroli Blue Monday

2 Rearsbylea Midnight Rose

3 Mikadene Maid of the Mist



1 CH. Kierpark Don’t Stop Me Now

2 CH. Supeta’s Eclipse JW ShCM

3 Ardencote Solitaire

Judge: I owned my first Afghan Hound in the 80s but it wasn't until 1991 that I acquired a puppy from the Harcourt-Brown family which was to become my first champion and foundation bitch (Ch Kharisar Rhia at Cloudside). Since then, I have bred or owned 11 Afghan Hound champions. In the early 90s, I acquired my first Wire Haired Dachshund and have since bred 5 champions in this breed. In 2014, Cloudside reached a landmark winning a 100th CC. Cloudside dogs have attained awards such as Top Dog in breed, Top Puppy in breed, Top Stud in breed, Top Brood in breed and two Hound Group winners along the way. I am also very proud to say I have bred the youngest Wire Haired Dachshund champion in the breed. I have been fortunate enough to own several other breeds over the years including Whippets, Borzois, Poodles, German Shepherds and Sloughis. I have always had a keen interest in all breeds in general but first love are the Sighthounds. I started judging in late 80s and awarded my first set of CCs in 1996 (Afghan Hound Bitches). I am now approved to award CCs in Afghan Hounds and all six varieties of Dachshunds. I have been fortunate to judge exstensively, including appointments in Austrailia, South Africa, Finland. Sweden and Ireland and I am looking forward to judging my first breed, Afghan Hounds at Crufts 2017. I am on B lists for Whippets, Bassets, PBGV and GBGV. I undertook my first Whippet judging appointment in the early 90s and have judged them consistently since therefore I am really looking forward to judging my first Whippet club show and appreciate this opportunity. Entry of 40 dogs and 57 bitches

SYWC 15_1642Jeff WEB IMG_1634Jeff wEB IMG_1628Jeff WEB

Special Awards Classes


Judge Shaun Layton (Layways)


Junior (14) 1st        2nd

Open (9) 1st        2nd