South Yorkshire Whippet Club

Founded in Sheffield in 1979. SYWC orgainise two shows each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

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Ch. Show Results

October Championship Show 2013

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Judges: Mrs Ann Beckett-Bradshaw (Hutaka) (Bitches) Mrs Di Morgan (Meandi) (Dogs) Mrs Editha Newton (Referee) Results: BIS Tylko Cobyco Paranoia RBIS & BOS Ch. Shalfleet Simply a Lord BPIS Palmik Live to Tell BVIS Ch. Collooney Mochacchino

Bitch Critque
Dog Critique

Mrs Ann Beckett- Bradshaw - Bitch Results Vet Bitch 1 Ch. Supeta’s Bootilicious Babe 2 Ch. Sporting Field Winged Dove over Dumbriton 3 Silver Sorceress at Wilver Minor Puppy Bitch 1 Penbriar Duchess 2 Ranvelli Swede Heart 3 Penbriar She’s A Lady Puppy Bitch 1 Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino 2 Tarward Willow 3 Sakota Super Sensational Junior Bitch 1 Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino 2 Colloney Whoopee Do Dora 3 Jodana Avoca Yearling Bitch 1 Tylko Cobyco Paranoia 2 Almakaela Wispers on Wings 3 Supeta’s Eclipse Graduate Bitch 1 Pasharif Play it Again 2 Tarward Willow 3 Demerlay Poetry in Motion Post Graduate Bitch 1 Demerlay Brown Sugar at Daleko 2 Benzfreya Dream Time 3 Demerlay Black Coffee Mid Limit Bitch 1 Collooney Eye candy 2 Kierpark Don’t Stop Me Now 3 Crosscop Count on Me Limit Bitch 1 Linalkin Meadow Lark 2 Yialousa Scarlett Ribbon 3 Shalfleet Sugar Frosting Open Bitch 1 Collooney Slack Alice at Crosscop 2 Ch. Palmik Magical Whispers 3 Ch. Demerlay Regency Romance CC Tylko Cobyco Paranoia RCC Collooney Slack Alice at Crosscop BPB Penbriar Duchess

Mrs Di Morgan - Dog Results Veteran Dog 1 Ch. Collooney Mochacchino Minor Puppy Dog 1 Palmik Live to Tell 2 Khabaraytime Hello Girls at Crosscop 3 Penbriar Lord Aleaping to Barmoll Puppy Dog 1 Palmik Live to Tell 2 Shalfleet Simply Jazz Time 3 Blandings Bourbon Cum Rogansrock Junior Dog 1 Shalfleet Simply Royal 2 Zoraden Vanilla Latte 3. Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa Yearling Dog 1 Saraquele Steal the Show 2 Plumcreek Forecaster at Demerlay 3 Shirotae Spring Promise at Ousebank Graduate Dog 1 Zoraden Gingerbread Latte 2 Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa 3 Nevedith Woofa Wizard of Veredon Post Graduate Dog 1 Courthill Crimson Shadow 2 Elmanash More Than Gold at Couqun 3 Gwendarris Street Angel at Almakaela Mid Limit Dog 1 Supeta’s Breaking Dawn 2 Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair 3 Collooney Tricky Dicky Limit Dog 1 Collooney Billy The Wizz 2 Citycroft Never Forget 3 Marleben Myracle Magician from Caderleth Open Dog 1 Ch. Shalfleet Simply a Lord 2 Ch. Demerlay Renown at Brockfield 3 Ch. Benzfreya Drumbeat CC Ch. Shalfleet Simply a Lord RCC Supeta’s Breaking Dawn BPD Palmik Live to Tell

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