South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

October Championship Show 2012



Mrs Linda Jones (Bitches)

Mrs Berys Brown (Dogs)

Mr Nev Newton (Referee)




BIS Ch. Palmik Magical Whispers

RBIS Ch. Benzfreya Drumbeat (Ref)

BPIS Citycroft Norther Lights (Ref)

sywc BIS BPIS selected by referee Nev Newton Critques

Mrs Berys Brown - Dog Results


Minor Puppy Dog


1. Citycroft Northern Lights (BPD & BPIS)

2. Chaseover Bet You Dare

3. Espinore Eagle Rock


Puppy Dog


1. Saraquele Steal the Show

2. Chaseover Bet You dare

3. Piersland I Got Rhythm at Chamembe


Junior Dog


1. Loroli Jump to the Beat

2. Freehamlet Perfect Piers

3. Courthill Crimson Shadow


Yearling Dog


1. Cobyco Chance of a Lifetime

2. Richclass Danny’s Boy

3. Barmoll Billy Elliott


Graduate Dog


1. Ragstar Winter Wonder.

2. Cobyco Change of Plan for Saraquele

3. Mikadene Night Runner


Post Graduate Dog


1. Layways Oklahoma

2. Demerklay Rags to Riches

3. Palmik Celtic Royale


Mid Limit Dog


1. Collooney Stay With Me at Starswift

2. Infamous Cornelius of Ringmore

3. Roedeane Mercian Knight


Limit Dog


1. Ipanema Indian Pearl

2. Collooney Look no Further Than Crrosscop

3. Demerlay Vanilla Skies over Gwendariff


Open Dog


1. Ch. Benzfreya Drumbeat (DCC & RBIS)

2. Ch. Cobyco Change Places (RDCC)

3. Demerlay Regal Renown at Brockfield


Veteran Dog


1. Ch. Elmanash Major General

2. Kushka’s Tigers Eye

3. Courthill Clockwork Orange

Mrs Linda Jones - Bitch Results


Minor Puppy Bitch


1. Boughton - White's Whiptails Happiness and Joy at Ipanema

2. Keenan and Smith's Citycroft Supanova

3. Pott's Klondyke Imastar


Puppy Bitch


1. McCullough's Aphrodite Love over Wilver

2. Wilton-Clarke's Shalfleet Sugar Frosting

3. Howgate and Hull's Palmik Magic Trick


Junior Bitch


1. Paterson's Wheelspin Breakaway (BPB & BOSPIS)

2. Smith' Whilloer Waiting on a Friend

3. Morris and Waddell's Crosscop Count on Me


Yearling Bitch


1. Davies and Gilmour's Turnstone Tiger Lily

2. Short and Coulter's Collooney Racey Lacey

3. Warner and Herington's Cottoncove Honey I'm Home at Savuka


Graduate Bitch  


1. Cahill and Timberlake's Chipperlake Stowaway

2. Bray and Sillitoe's Cyangrange White Chantilly

3. Wagnall's Starswift Sunbeam


Post Graduate Bitch


1. Morris and Waddell's Collooney Slack Alice at Crosscop

2. Skelley's Ringmore Fleur de Lys

3. Crosse' Jayglo Jenny Wren


Mid Limit Bitch


1. Julian's Bluestreak Blond Ambition

2. Mixides' Yialousa Scarlett Ribbon.

3. Bayley and Trouton's Whisterfield Wild Rosemary JW


Limit Bitch


1. Sykes Cedaridge Vanilla Skies over Veredon

2. Holland Elmanash Allegra

3. De Lacey Monday Whippowill Sea Anemone


Open Bitch


1. Howgate and Hull Ch Palmik Magical Whisper (BCC & BIS)

2. Howgate and Hull Ch Palmik Starlight Surprise (RBCC)

3. Paterson Wheelspin I Can Hear Music


Veteran Bitch  


1. Stock and Gilmours Ch Sporting Fields Winged Dove over Dumbriton

2. Holland Elmanash Elvira

3. Crosse Jayglo Just the One