South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

Open Show Critique 2014

February 2014 Open Show


Judge: Lorena Grisoli (Loroli)


BIS Cobyco Chance of a Lifetime

RBIS Marimay Moses

BPIS Azarin Corsica at Zoraden (Imp Pol)

RBPIS Veredon McBlack

BVIS Ch Supeta's Bootilicious Babe ShCM

I would like to thank SYWC for inviting me to judge their show and the exhibitors for their entry. I enjoyed my day very much. Thank you to the committee and my stewards.


Dog Critique


MPD 3 (1a)


1. Smith Ragstar Johny Bee Good. Fawn white trim nice dark eye lovely head shape and long lean neck good shoulders and topline, just needs to settle a little which he will do with age.


2. Cox’s rearbylea quicksilver Brindle nice head shoulder and topline moved well


PD 5


1. Falcus, Veredon Mcblack lovely head neck and should nice rise over the loin deep chest nicely toned muscle, moved well to and aft lovely profile movement once he settled BPD RBPIS


2. Jones, Jothryn Bjorne to Love slightly bigger frame than 1 same attributes just preferred 1 on the move.


3. Cox’s Hawk Moth at Rearsbylea


JD 8 (4a)


1. Davies and Gilmour’s, Marimay Moses, Brindle and white of lovely proportions lovely head eye and shoulder placement, good topline and underline true moving to and aft extended well in profile movement in excellent condition. RBD RBIS.


2. Winup and Paipala, Blandings Bourbon Cum Rogansrock, Red brindle white trim another nice dog, good head and shoulders good topline moved well another dog fit for function.


3. Bird’s Sekota Superstorm


SYD 9 (1a)


1. Layton’s Layways Silent night of Tameron, brindle white trim easy on the eye, lovely head and neck good angulation of shoulder, good topline, strong quarters moved with drive.


2. Heads and Larson, Plumcreek Forcaster at Demerlay JW good head neck slightly shorter cast than one moved well too and aft just preferred profile of 1


3. Bird’s Sakota Superhero


PGD 8 (1a)


1. Davies and Gilmours Marimay Moses


2. Winup and Paipala Blandings I want it all for RoganstockFawn dog nice head , lean neck into good shoulder set, topline and underline line moved well


3. Bowers Saraquele Steal the Show.


LD 11 (1a)


1. Mycrofts Supetas Breaking dawn, masculine dog of good substance, nice head neck and topline moved true coming and going, in profile moved with drive well balanced


2. Allens Zoraden Gingerbread Latte Jw, Red and white dog, good lay of shoulder nice front good topline and quarters moved well.


3. Laytons Layways Oklahoma


OD 7


1. Yacoby-Wrights Cobyco Chance of a Lifetime, Beautiful dog all angels in the right


Place caught my eye as he entered the ring and did not disappoint, lovely masculine head long neck into the smoothess of shoulders, good topline underline moved true with drive, toned to perfection. Top spot of the day BD, BIS


2. Sykes Nevedith Woofa Wizard, Another dog I admire from the ringside, gleaming coat in good condition lovely head lean neck and good lay of shoulder, lovely topline and underline moved well to and aft, profile movement good, just not himself today


3. Mycrofts CH Supetas Razzalicious JW ShCM




MPB 5 (1a)


1. Allen’s Azarin Corsica at Zoraden (imp pol) Prettiest of bitches good head and expression, long neck and good shoulder set, good depth for her age good topline moved with ease to and aft and in profile movement, pushed hard for RBB, BPB BPIS.


2. Smith’s Ragstar Bee Keeper, nice head good topline moved well.


3. Sykes, Veredon Black to the Future.


PB 5 (2a)


1. Jones Jothryn Bjorne Again, lovely puppy stood over plenty of ground good placement shoulder nice topline and underline moved well inprofile, very toned.


2. Pretty’s Bescott Belmont Greta at joaldy cream and white baby nice head and neck nice topline and underline, just needs to settle a bit which she will do with age


3. Grant’s Windfly Sparkling Star.




1. Layton’s Nevedith Xquiste at Tameron, lovely feminine head good neck and lay of shoulder correct topline and underline moved very well to and aft and in profile in lovely condition RBB.


2.Bray’s Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino, another quality bitch good head lovely shoulder placement good topline and true movement to and aft and in profile.


3.Mitchell’s Denmanwood Decision.


SYB 9 (2a)


1. Gillespie Penbriar She’s a Lady beautiful head good shoulders topline and nice deep underline moved drive in profile true coming and going in lovely condition.


2. Bray’s Cyangrange Giocome Delphino


3. Head’s Demerlay Jive Talking.


VB 5 (2a)


1. Mycroft’s CH Supeta Bootilicious Babe, Well what can I say for her age this bitch is in such fine condition moved round the ring like a two year old lovely head neck topline underline, all credit to you


2. Ledger’s Tradewind touch of gold, super quality bitch nice head topline and moved well.


3. Vaughan’s Shirotae Silken Lady.


PGB 14 (4a)


1. Davies Gilmour and Eades Courthill Class Act good head and neck nice shoulder and lovely topline and underline good firm front move well coming and going in fine condition


2. Bray’s Cyangrange White Chantilly, slightly larger in frame than 1 but never the less feminine bitch good head long neck topline moved well.


3. Jackson’s Hartperry Fox Covert Wood at Kirchilli


LB 9 (4a)


1. Mycroft’s Supeta Eclipse JW Shcm lovely bitch good head and expression long neck clean shoulders and good topline true moving from all angles.


2. Eades Malakands Magic Spell good head nice topline moved well coming and going nice profile movement.


3. Dixon’s Millwold Mulling it Over


OB 9


1. Davies and Gilmour Turnstone Tiger Lily lovely head long lean neck good shoulders and lovely length in loin good underline, moved well coming and going excelled in profile movement lovely bitch in great condition BB


2. Johnston’s Danluke Dicky Bird Feminine bitch good head shoulders and flowing topline good front and quarters moved well in profile.


3. Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Chance To Dream




Lorena Grisoli