South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

Open Show Results

February Open Show 2013

Judge: Malcolm Rankine (Chapleigh)


BIS Veredon Senza Una Donna

RBIS Collooney Billy The Whizz JW

BPIS Collooney Fantastic Mr Fox

Open Show Critique BIS Line up BIS Open Show Critique

Dog Results


Minor puppy dog


1. Collooney Fantastic Mr Fox (Dillon)

2. Russet Gold at Fedaye (Defaye)

3. Triken Can't Stop Dreaming (Dufty)

4. Jenaul Apple Scrumpy (Lindley)

5. Gabledene Simply A Prince (Ireland)


Puppy dog


1. Demerlay Forever Friend (Head)

2. Demerlay Night Fever (Ellam)

3. Pasharif Playboy Of The West (Wilson)


Junior dog


1. Loroli Jump To The Beat (Grisoli)

2. Cobyco Chance Of A Lifetime (Yacoby-Wright)

3. Nichrisar Midnight Raider (Brown)

4. Blandings I Want It All For Rogansrock (Winup)

5. Mossbawnhill Rock It (Ellam)


Special yearling dog


1. Elmenash More Than Gold (Buckley)

2. Nichrisar Midnight Raidor (Brown)

3. Pencleave Pass Go (Pennance & Cleaver)

4. Sandit Silver Fox With Edgella (Edge)


Veteran dog


1. Mulcair Montgomeree (Whitaker)


Post-graduate dog


1. Veredon Night Owl (Sykes)

2. Mossbawnhill Whatta Myth (Dickenson)

3. Demerlay River Rapids At Brockfield (Poole)

4. Wichyty Mon Beau Fils (Furniss & Forsyth)

5. Louidapl Autumnal Rays (Buckley)


Limit dog


1. Collooney Billy The Whizz JW (Dillon)

2. Citycroft Never Forget (Keenan & Smith)

3. Demerlay Rags To Riches (Clarkson)

4. Layways Oklahoma (Layton)

5. Fletchgate Star Walker ShCM (Wilkinson)


Open dog


1. Demerlay Regal Renown At Brockfield (Poole)

2. Phinjani The Jazz Singer (Beckett)


Best Dog: Collooney Billy The Whizz JW

Reserve Best Dog: Loroli Jump to The Beat

Best Puppy Dog: Collooney Fantastic Mr Fox

Bitch Results


Minor puppy bitch


1. Collooney Whoopee Do Dora (Short)

2. Triken Dreams Come True (Dufty & Morland)

3. Railfield Its Raining Over Citycroft (Smith & Keenan)

4. Hartperry Pitty Me Wood (Hutchinson & Peridan)

5. Jodana Avoca (Proctor)


Puppy bitch


1. Pasharif Play It Again (Davies)

2. Demerlay Jive Talking (Head)

3. Kaymark Kindy Doll At Rearsbylea (Cox & Cartwright)

4. Hartperry Fox Covert Wood At Kirchilli (Jackson)


Junior bitch


1. Palmik Magic Trick JW (Howgate & Hull)

2. Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Imp, Pol) (Yacoby & Yacoby-Wright)

3. Loroli Blue Monday (Grisoli & Bowyer)

4. Malakands Magic Spell (Eades)

5. Shirotae Gin Sing (Vaughan)


Special yearling bitch


1. Yialousa Moving Forward (Lander & Askin)

2. Vandania's Simply Esme (Holmshaw)

3. Malakands Magic Trick (Eades)

4. Harropine Cactus Flower (Stephenson)

5. Benzfreya Swing Time (Wilkinson)


Veteran bitch


1. Silver Sorceress At Wilver (Colclough)

2. Kaymark Kiss-N-Tell (Picolo)

3. Tradewind Quick Silver (Ledger)


Post-graduate bitch


1. Cobyco Chance To Dream (Yacoby-Wright)

2. Rearsbylea Midnight Rose (Cox)

3. Stormburst Wild Honey JW (Bennett)

4. Jayglo Jenny Wren (Crosse)

5. Demerlay Black Coffee (Ellam)


Limit bitch


1. Elmenash Allegra (Holland)

2. Cedaridge Vanilla Skies Over Veredon (Sykes)

3. Collooney Racey Lacey (Short & Coulter)

4. Millwold Mulling It Over JW (Dixon)

5. Chillimans Macey Jade (Lindley)


Open bitch


1. Veredon Senza Una Donna (Dmmerling & Bartusch)

2. Am Ch Merci Isle Magnolia At Palmik (Howgate & Hull)

3. Mikadene Misty Memory Of Demerlay (Head)

4. Mulcair Mums The Word JW ShCM (Whitaker-Crosby)

5. Shirotae Silken Lady (Vaughan)


Best Bitch: Veredon Senza Una Donna

Reserve Best Bitch: Cobyco Chance To Dream

Best Puppy Bitch: Pasharif Play It Again

Special Awards


Judge: Fiona Mycroft (Supeta)

Class A:

1 Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Imp, Pol) (Yacoby & Yacoby-Wright)

2 Malakands Magic Spell (Eades)

3 Aphrodite Love Over Wilver (Colclough)


Class B:

1 Mossbawnhill Timeless Epic From Ribblesmere (Dickenson)

2 Layways Kismiss At Tameron (Layton)

3. Stormburst Wild Honey JW (Bennett)

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