South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

February Open Show 2012

Judge: Felicity Thompson



BIS Loroli Let's Boogie

RBIS Thunderclap Macgregor

BPIS Vandania's Simply Esme

Open Show Critique

Dog Results


Minor puppy dog


1. Koppelwell Kid Kowboy (Foster)

2. Westview Look At Me (McLaughlan)


Puppy dog


1. The Laird of Ardencote (Wood) BPD

2. Benzfreya Drummer Boy (Wilkinson)

3. Koppellwell Kid Kowboy (Foster)

4. Pencleave Pass Go (Pennance & Cleaver)

5. Elmenash More Than Gold (Buckley)


Junior dog


1. Jeanual Nut Hatch At Tameron (Howard)

2. Demeraly Sparks Will Fly (Head)

3. Cyangrange Fat Boy Slim (Bray & Stilito)

4. Wichyty September Morn (Furniss)

5. Night Shade Saffire for Chosovi


Special yearling dog


1. Cyangrange Fat Boy Slim (Bray & Stilito)

2. Collooney Billy The Wiz JW (Dillon)

3. Lolani Dream Warrior (Lain & Alexander)

4. Celtic Minstrel (Sceats)


Veteran dog


1. Kushkas Tigers Eye (Di Dio & Powell)


Post-graduate dog


1. Millwold Make a Move to Boarley (Strunin)

2. Delzeah Winter Melody Cum Rogansrock (Winup & Palpala)

3. Layways Oklahoma (Layton)

4. Sharbeck Shoshone (Smith)

5. Mikadene Night Runner (Ireland)


Limit dog


1. Phinjani The Jaz Singer (Beckett) RBD

2. Supeta's Razzalicious JW (Mycroft)

3. Chelridge Casanova JW (Spencer)

4. Demerlay Regal Renown at Brockfield (Poole)

5. Dalzeah Born to Boogie cum Rogansrock (Winup & Papala)


Open dog


1. Thunderclap Mcgrecor (WIndle) BD & RBIS

2. Ardencote What a Cracker (Wood)

3. Wrenella Just Giles at Triken ShCM (Allen)

4. Demerlay Red River JW (Head)

5. Collooney Tricky Dicky (Johnston)






Bitch Results


Minor puppy bitch


1. Vandanias Simply Esme (Holmshaw) BPIS

2. Westview Simply Stunning (McLaughlan)

3. Birchwhips Bunnygirl (Windle)


Puppy bitch


1. Mikadene Misty Memory of Demerlay (Head)

2. Danluke Dicky Bird (Johnston)

3. Benzfreya Swing Time (Wilkinson)

4. Vandanias Queen Katereena (Edge & Holmshaw


Junior bitch


1. Loroli Lets Boogie (Grisoli) BIS

2. Stormburst Wild Honey JW (Benett)

3. Danluke Dicky Bird (Johnston)

4. Cyangrange All That Jazz (Bray)

5. Armabay Razzlw Dazzle (Young)


Special yearling bitch


1. Demerlay Regency Romance JW (Head)

2. Citycroft Take That N Party (Batley)

3. Stormburst Wild Fern (Benett)

4. Linalkin Meadow Lark (Ormond)

5. Cyangrange All That Jazz (Bray)


Veteran bitch


1. Tradewind Quick Silver (Ledger)

2. Courthill Cinamon Queen at Mulcair (Whitaker-Crosby)

3. Elmenash Eliza at Denimonde (Ormond)

4. Kuskas Firefly JW ShCM (Di Dio)


Post-graduate bitch


1. Citycroft Take That N Party (Batley)

2. Phinjani Honey Suckle (Beckett)

3. Whirlygig Ruby Tuesday at Birchwhips (Windle)

4. Coll Madam at Suchini (Dillon)

5. Pencleave Diamond Light ShCM (McLaughlan)


Limit bitch


1. Layways Kissmiss at Tameron (Howard)

2. Jenaul Elderflower (Paley & Watson)

3. Millwold Mulling it Over JW (Dixon)

4. Supeta's Dazzalicious JW (Mycroft)

5. Linalkin Blue Meadow (Jull)


Open bitch


1. Demerlay First Love JW (Head) RBB

2. Jenaul Jazmin at Benzfreya (Wilkinson)

3. Janelyn Deetec Detla at Feday JW ShCM (Defay & Crouch)

4. Tradewind Touch Of Gold (Ledger)

5. Mulcair Mayday Magic JW ShCM (Whitaker-Crosby)






Special Awards


Judge: Yvonne Hull (Palmik)

Class A:


1 Demerlay Regency Romance JW (Head)

2 Danluke Dicky Bird (Johntson)

3 Turnstone Tiger Lily (Gilmour & Davies)


Class B:

1 Ch Ardencote What A Cracker (Wood)

2 Danluke Dance Of Love JW ShCM (Johnston)

3 Ch Courthill Cast A Spell (Eades)

SA Critique