South Yorkshire Whippet Club

Founded in Sheffield in 1979. SYWC orgainise two shows each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.

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Championship Show 2015

Richard 1

South Yorkshire Whippet Club Championship Show - October 4th, 2015.

I would like to thank the Officers & Committee members of SYWC for trusting me to award CC’s for the first time at your illustrious Club Show. The hospitality and welcome I received was so typical of this very well organised Show with its dedicated team. I was quite overwhelmed when I received my entry of 136 bitches and hope exhibitors could follow my judging and therefore appreciated my decisions; certainly the sportsmanship was second to none which created a wonderful atmosphere.

Overall balance, correct top line with slight rise over the loin and free flowing movement were my key priorities. I was very proud when my class winners lined up for the Bitch Challenge – quite a picture. There were also a host of top class whippets in the minor cards; Open Bitch was an absolute joy to judge.

I have always admired the Boxing Helena whippets bred by my co-judge Bart Scheerens. It was no surprise to me that we agreed unanimously on our principle BIS winners.

We agreed BIS was the Dog CC winner, Layton’s Layways Silent Night at Tameron. A young dog with a beautiful head and eye – all male and such a handsome hound. Long neck into well laid shoulders and exactly the right top line. Loved the depth of brisket and his strength of fore chest. Presents a balanced picture both stood and on the move. His footfall was perfect in profile; free effortless movement. I noted his Dam was my BIS winner when I judged East Anglian Whippet Club Open Show in 2012 – I recall how impressive her profile movement was too.

VB (8,3)

1st Mycroft’s Ch Supetas Bootilicious Babe Sh CM. Super start to the day. Such an elegant bitch with perfect top line and in pristine condition. No signs of her veteran years at all. Prettiest head and gentle expression. Moved with free flowing action and covered ground with ease. Loved her overall balance and my co-judge and I agreed she should be BVIS.

2nd Whitehead, Smith and Mixides’ Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW ShCM. Showing little sign of age. Excels in forequarters. Well laid shoulders, super depth of brisket and fore chest all support her effortless movement. Very good drive from behind. Neatest, tight feet. A little flatter in top line than winner but a great mover.

3rd Whitaker-Crsoosby’s Mulcair Mum’s The World.

MPB (9,1)

1st Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Cause Sensation. Not surprised I liked her now I know that her Dam was my Bitch CC winner. Very eye catching from the off. Pretty head and elegant neck perhaps a darker eye for perfection. Well angulated forequarters with very good return of upper arm. Low on hock which created drive. Naturally muscled and first class condition.

2nd Smith’s Coynachie Call Me Crazy. A very promising baby with super outline stood and on move. Loved her head, her neat ears and the darkest eyes. Moved soundly with free flowing gait. Tight feet and low on the hock.

3rd Picolo, Robinson & Allistone’s Kaymark Miss Prim.

PB (14,2)

1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Wish Me Luck. Not sure luck will come into the equation too often with this outstanding puppy. A faultless performance today and I could watch her in side gait all day. Her overall balance has to be admired. Cannot stand wrong and flows from the crest of her neck to the tip off her tail. Pretty in head and gentle expression. My co-judge was also smitten so a unanimous choice for BPIS.

2nd Dungworth’s Collooney Pure Chance. This naughty puppy tried her the patience of her handler but her quality shone through and she beat some other promising puppies despite her antics. For such a pale brindle she has excellent pigmentation which appealed greatly. Her well angulated forequarters and hind quarters match perfectly. Loved her bend of stifle and low hocks. Her footfall was accurate and she moved soundly. Will be quite the show star when she learns to behave.

3rd Smith’s Coynachie Crazy For You.

JB (15,6)

1st Moore’s Collooney Snooze you Lose. Would gladly give this bitch a CC and was in my top 4 for consideration just maturity on the side of the Open and Limit winners. Stunning head and dark lustrous eye. Neck just flowed into her shoulders which are well laid and create very good front extension. Loved her length of rib which lends itself to perfect top line. Well bent stifles and low hocks. A beauty.

2nd Mixides, Whitehead & Smith’s Citycroft Bellini. Another beautiful bitch with classic head and eye and an elegant neck like the winner. Just a little higher on hock and slightly less developed in fore chest than winner but none the less a cracker. Loved her overall shape and balance. Another with a bright future I am sure.

3rd Mitchell’s Moving Magic.

YB (24,4) A class with depth of quality; my top five shared many virtues.

1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik En Vogue JW. A perfectly balanced bitch of Champion quality and hence made my final 4. Totally balanced and as sound as a bell. Effortless free flowing movement with accurate footfall to match. Beautiful head and eye and reach to neck. Top line to standard with depth to brisket and length of rib. Presented very professionally in tip top condition.

2nd Winkley-Balmer’s Crosscrop Me And My Girl for Edenwhip. An ultra-feminine bitch showing such elegance. Loved her dark pigmentation and expressive eyes. Scores in top line with light rise over loin. Well laid shoulders and good bend of stifle to complement. Moved soundly away and back and shows forward reach. Needs to strengthen in second thigh to give extra drive but plenty of time to mature and develop.

3rd Mycroft’s Shiny Sensations Spirit Of Love for Supeta (imp NL).

GB (16,4)

1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Wish Me Luck. Won here again on the accuracy and freedom of her side gait.

2nd Wilson & Morgan’s Shalfeet Amber Nectar at Meandi. Loved her head and eye. Has typical overall shape and balance with very good top line. Moved soundly but could not match winner for drive today.

3rd Shortr’s Collooney Truly Scrummy.

PGB (14,4)

1st Allen’s Azarin Corsica at Zoraden JW (imp Pol). Had best overall balance from first examination and stood out. Liked her head and dark eye. Elegant neck into clean well angled shoulders. Holds top line well both stood and on move.

2nd Proctor’s Jodana Avoca. Very pretty bitch with long neck and well angulated fore quarters. Very good return of upper arm. Straight front. Very good top line. Sound enough away and back but needs to strengthen in second thigh to create more drive.

3rd Meakin’s Oakbark Made Me Look.

MLB (16,3)

1st Andrews & Rees’ Tappinskis Running Wild at Kierpark (imp Swe). Beautiful size, make and shape. Loved her head with dark pigmentation creating lovely soft expression. Elegant neck into correct top line. Good length of rib. Very good bend of stifle and low on the hock. Sound away and back but seemed a little unsettled today. Nevertheless her many virtues meant she had to head the class.

2nd Smith’s Sakota Absolutely Super. Very good pigmentation on this pale brindle parti-colour. Very sound and showed balance in reach and drive. Would prefer another inch in her loin for my ideal.

3rd Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW Sh CM.

LB (17,3)

1st Short’s Collooney Whoopy Do Dora JW. Headed a very strong class and beat some beautiful bitches. Her profile movement gave me goose bumps. She has the best extension and her angulated forequarters match the angles of her hind quarters. All that and she has the prettiest of heads too. Absolutely on top form and hence pipped a very worthy Champion to take the RCC; more than worthy of a champion title which I am sure will be round the corner.

2nd Bray’s Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino. Another beauty who moved with so much freedom and rhythm. Loved her head and dark eye. Elegant neck, straight front (my notes actually say ‘wonderful front’), deep chest and correct top line.

3rd Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Sweet Riva.

OB (16,3) What a joy of a class – I would gladly sign a Green Card for any of the 5 bitches I placed in this class.

1st Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Chance To Dream. What a beautiful bitch; she typifies the breed standard for size, make and shape. Whether stood or on the move she presents such a balanced picture. Nothing exaggerated and everything fitting together. Her side gait is very special – extension in front and drive from behind with perfect foot fall. Looks like she made a great mother as well as being a model which is every breeders dream - congratulations. In wonderful condition and just could not be denied the top spot and therefore my first Whippet Champion Certificate.

2nd Morris, Waddell & Donaldson’s Ch Nothing Compares To You at Crosscrop JW. Another beautiful bitch who more than deserves her Ch title. Elegance personified and with that text book top line. Handled to show her virtues and looks stunning in side gait. Just missed out on RCC to the on-form Limit Winner today but a very close decision nonetheless.

3rd Morris, Waddell & Donaldson’s Ch Crosscrop Count On Me JW ShCM.

Judge; Mr Nick Gourley

richard 2

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