South Yorkshire Whippet Club

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Founded in Sheffield in 1979.

SYWC orgainise two shows

each every year, our Open Show held in February and our Championship Show in October.


AGM 2015 Agenda


Annual General Meeting Sunday 22nd Feb 2015 Agenda


1. President to open meeting

2. Apologies for Absence

3. Minutes of 2014 AGM

4. Matters arising

5. Chairman’s report

6. Treasurer’s report and presentation of balance sheet

7. Agreed Expenses

8. Election of Auditors

9. Election of Officers

Secretary – Mr R Mason standing for re-election

10. Election of Committee Members: - Mr M Bellamy–standing for re-election, Mrs J Fiers – standing for re-election

There are 3 vacancies on the SYWC committee

Nominations :- Mr P Mitchell – proposed Miss E Newton seconded Mrs D Mason

11. Rules :- No changes to SYWC Rules

12. Health:- Report on Health.

13. General Welfare

14. Close of meeting


Six SYWC committee meetings were held in 2014

Attendance at these meetings was as follows


Mrs E Newton 5

Mr R Mason 6

Miss E Newton 6

Mr I Halbert 6

Mr N Newton 5

Mrs D Mason 6

Mrs P Copley 2

Mrs B Halbert 3

Mrs B Illingsworth 0

Mr Bellamy 4

Mrs J Fiers 5

Mrs J Whitaker-Crosby

SYWC AGM 2014 Draft Minutes

AGM 2014